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Activities and Decisions Prior to the Submission of the Firm Commitment Application


Prior to the submission of the Firm Commitment application, Sponsors are required to attend to a number of activities as listed below:
• HUD Project Planning Conference with HUD staff to review the requirements of the firm commitment application.

Formation of the Owner Corporation

Previous Participation Certifications to be Submitted: Form HUD-2530 or electronically via APPS. Click on new HUD Guidance for submission of Previous Participation Certification.

Housing Consultant Information to be Submitted

Joint Work Write-Up (for rehab projects only)

Conditions in the Fund Reservation Letter

Section 811 Fund Reservation Applicants with Site Identification
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Development Milestones

Fund Reservation

State/Local Approvals

Firm Commitment Application

Pre-Construction Conference

Initial Closing

Construction Period

Rent-Up and Marketing

Pre-Cost Certification Conference

Cost Certification

Project Rental Assistance Contract

Occupancy Requirements

Final Closing


Developing a Strategy for Project

Applying for a Contract Rent

Reviewing Replacement Reserves

Refinancing a Section 202 Direct Loan

Preparing for REAC Inspections

Establishing a Project Library


HUD Bookletters

HUD Forms

HUD Handbooks

HUD Information & Web Sources

HUD Notices

HUD NY HUB Handouts

Practical Guide to 202/811 Terms

Key Decisions to be Considered Prior to the Start of the Firm Commitment Application

Selection of a qualified general contractor
Cost Plus or Lump Sum Contract for the general contractor
Self-management or selection of a management agent
Selection of a cost estimator
Selection of a licensed surveyor
Selection of a third-party engineer for material testing and required inspections
For a mixed-financed project, selection of an experienced advisory team